Dr. Richard Evans from Brunel University London Gave an Academic Lecture to School of Medicine and Health Management

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On the Morning of October 9th, 2019, Dr. Richard Evans, an associate professor at Brunel University London, was invited to give a lecture in our school. Dr. Richard Evans is chairman of the IEEE TEMS Technical Activity Committee on design and engineering processes. His main research directions are open innovation and virtual cooperation in social product development, knowledge integration and knowledge management in innovative product design, and mobile health management, etc. More than 70 important academic papers or conference papers have been published. Meanwhile, he is a member of editorial board or reviewer for a series of important international journals.

The lecture entitled "Open Innovation in the Healthcare 4.0 Era: Practices and Future Research Directions" was presented in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of our school. Prof. Tao Hongbing, vice-dean of our school, conducted the lecture meeting, which was attended by Ph.D. students, graduate students and teachers. In the lecture, Dr. Richard made a brief introduction to himself, as well as to the Brunel University London. Then he shed light on the challenges faced in the field of health management and the era of population aging, and analyzed the way and type of innovation in the era of medical treatment 4.0. Thereafter, he systematically expounded the concept of "open innovation" from the aspects of the historical development of innovation, and presented the advantages of open innovation compared with closed innovation, as well as the principle of open innovation. Finally, he introduced the innovative field of health care and the research direction of open innovation in the future.

The atmosphere of the final question session was very lively; several students interacted with Dr. Richard Evans on related-questions one after another, winning the applause and laughter of the audience. Finally, Lining Shen, the director of Department of Medical Informatics, made a concluding statement, and expressed thanks for his fantastic lecture.


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